Wednesday twelve o’clock

preparation before preaching

Preaching today in Dumfries. A great blessing. Halilujah! Remember that preaching is not just to the seen world, but about the unseen!

I believe that the preacher affects the darkness in the community. Jesus the light of the world dispels the darkness. Preaching is not teaching, all though it contains such. Preaching is lifting up the Lord Jesus Christ. As Jesus is lifted up, I am separated from the world, and the world is separated from me. Hallelujah!

Preaching to an empty street is not a problem for me. I Lift up Jesus and watch the darkness flee, setting many free to follow him.

It is a battle against principalities, powers, and demon spirits of this dark age. The act of preaching is not against human beings, but against the hidden blindness, because of slavery to darkness. Teaching will not set people free from hidden slavery. The blood of jesus Christ, and the preaching of his name will set the captives free. Hallelujah!

Preaching is considered foolishness. The church has become foolish in its rejection of preaching. The fool in his heart has said there is no God. No wonder the church has become an instrument of the state. Judgment begins at the house of God. Trim your lamp and light the way for the coming bridegroom.

Darkness has covered the earth, and gross darkness the people. Jesus our bridegroom is coming, rise up and lighten his way to the wedding feast!

Published by awordcorrectlyspoken

I am crucified with Christ, nevertheless I live; yet not i, but christ liveth in me, and the life which I now live in the flesh, i live by the faith of the Son of God, who loved me and gave himself for me. Hallelujah ! I live in Dumfries, Scotland, UK. I choose to be led by the Holy Spirit each day. I walk with Jesus in a romantic adventure. I feed His lambs, and His sheep as I encounter them. Let God arise, and His enemies be scattered! Even though all things are not right with my house, He has made with me an everlasting covenant, which is ordered and sure in all things, which is all my salvation, all my hope, all my desire! Jesus enable you to receive all that our heavenly father has in His heart for you! Hallelujah, immanuel, maranatha!

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