Jesus, I could do with another pillow…

When staying with a friend in Bulgaria I asked the next morning for another pillow. I like two pillows when sleeping. There was only one pillow on the bed. I did pray that Jesus would give me another pillow. I awoke the next morning to be told that there was another pillow just an arm’sContinue reading “Jesus, I could do with another pillow…”


I baked two loves of bread today. Jesus is the bread of life to me. In the old covenant bread, (manna), had to be collected daily, in an instructed religious fashion. In the new covenant Jesus is the living bread. I am the bread of life. Many of his disciples decided to walk with himContinue reading “Bread.”

My name is Ronald John McNabb

I’m here to help you drink from the fountain of life. Jeremiah, the prophet in the Holy Bible makes this statement. My people have committed two sins. 1. they have stopped drinking from the fountain of life. 2. they have deliberately built a place to drink, of their own making, and effort. This is God’sContinue reading “My name is Ronald John McNabb”