Forward thrust gives lift…

Looking out of the aeroplane window at the lives laid out as a carpet below…Jesus is concerned with each one. Hallelujah! Up here, flying over all, going on a mission, singularly, focused, and clear.

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How wonderful to fly! Forward thrust gives lift. In, what should I do, moments? Go forward!

No longer earth bound. Traveling where the sun is always shining. How wonderful! How the kingdom of God, from above, is measured and moved in it’s being…seek first, Jesus kingdom, and His righteousness.

Why walk by understanding, when you can fly with the Holy Spirit?

The work of righteousness is peace/shalom, and the effect of righteousness is quietness of spirit, and assurance forevermore! Hallelujah!

Wednesday twelve o’clock

preparation before preaching

Preaching today in Dumfries. A great blessing. Halilujah! Remember that preaching is not just to the seen world, but about the unseen!

I believe that the preacher affects the darkness in the community. Jesus the light of the world dispels the darkness. Preaching is not teaching, all though it contains such. Preaching is lifting up the Lord Jesus Christ. As Jesus is lifted up, I am separated from the world, and the world is separated from me. Hallelujah!

Preaching to an empty street is not a problem for me. I Lift up Jesus and watch the darkness flee, setting many free to follow him.

It is a battle against principalities, powers, and demon spirits of this dark age. The act of preaching is not against human beings, but against the hidden blindness, because of slavery to darkness. Teaching will not set people free from hidden slavery. The blood of jesus Christ, and the preaching of his name will set the captives free. Hallelujah!

Preaching is considered foolishness. The church has become foolish in its rejection of preaching. The fool in his heart has said there is no God. No wonder the church has become an instrument of the state. Judgment begins at the house of God. Trim your lamp and light the way for the coming bridegroom.

Darkness has covered the earth, and gross darkness the people. Jesus our bridegroom is coming, rise up and lighten his way to the wedding feast!


Jesus said…i am the bread of life…

I baked two loves of bread today. Jesus is the bread of life to me. In the old covenant bread, (manna), had to be collected daily, in an instructed religious fashion.

In the new covenant Jesus is the living bread. I am the bread of life. Many of his disciples decided to walk with him no more. They left Jesus. I have often wondered where they went, who did they follow instead?

Jeremiah says my people have committed two sins. Forsaking the fountain of life – Jesus, and building for themselves a trough to drink from, a trough which will not satisfy, like the fountain.

Did thoes many disciples who could not eat Jesus flesh, and drink his blood, leave him and go away and drink from another trough, of their own making?

Dear brother’s and sisters, come away from your homemade troughs and drink again at Jesus the fountain of life. Come afresh, or for the first time, and drink. The past is gone, the new has come. Eat of his flesh as your bread, and drink of his blood. Hallelujah!

How much more the invitation to eat and drink the flesh and blood of the only begotten son of God! This is surely the mystery of Christ! The Holy Spirit will always lead you back to Jesus. Every other spirit will lead you to another trough, to which you will become a slave. Today my bread was amazing. A few days ago my bread was a disaster! The bread of his flesh, is always amazing. Enjoy.

Jesus enable you to drink and eat at his table, and help you to leave your troughs behind.

He that eats my flesh and drinks my blood dwells in me and I in him…Hallelujah!

We change but the message remains the same…

Turning 64 yesterday, and comparing myself from ten years ago, I see how the outward man has changed.

Now in 2020 the change to the outer man is astoundinng.

The outward man is perishing day by day, but the innerman is being made glorious every day. Since i was born again, converted, saw the light of jesus – (whatever term you use) – 40 years ago, my inner man has been renewing every day. Halilujah!

My name is Ronald John McNabb

I’m here to help you drink from the fountain of life. Jeremiah, the prophet in the Holy Bible makes this statement.

My people have committed two sins.

1. they have stopped drinking from the fountain of life.

2. they have deliberately built a place to drink, of their own making, and effort.

This is God’s own people, never mind the wicked or the heathen, his own people have stoped drinking from the fountain of life, and built, deliberty, a source to drink from, which will not sustain, or satisfy.

The simplicity of the situation demands a simple solution. Come away from the trough you are deliberately drinking from. Drink again at the fountain. The trough can be anything that satisfies you. The fountain of life is the risen lord Jesus Christ. Come back to the fountain, and be refreshed. Hallelujah!

This is a taster of what you will find on this site, a word correctly spoken is like an apple of gold in a setting of silver.

The wisdom that comes from above is first of all pure, then full of peace.

Today peace is desired, but It comes after purity. It cannot be our works based purity. It has to be the purity of jesus, which is gifted to us.

We stop drinking from the old troughs, and come back and drink at the source of purity – Jesus, the ressurected Jesus. Many today follow a dead Jesus. It is the risen Jesus who is the fountain of life. Hallelujah immanuel maranatha!

Until next time, drink at the fountain of life and be refreshed.

A little more…

I believe that the insights i have will comfort, exhort, and edify you…

I believe that what is here is for you.

One day I sat down to have a cup of tea. I worked at an estate house. I was required to cut the grass. I sat on a mower for four hours a week. The grass extended into the woods, around the loch, and onto the green around the house. I digress. I sat down to drink a cup of tea. I remembered that a few years ago I was at a men’s meeting. The leader of the group gave each man a half sheet of A4 paper, cut length ways. He instructed all 14 of us to put our names at the top and pass it the man on our left. Each of us was to write a short statement about the person named at the top of the paper slip. At the end of the exercise we each had a slip of paper with fourteen comments. Later I read the list, and I have to say, i did not really take anything in. Later in the year I came across the list, and for some reason, I typed up the list. I placed it in my filo fax. Here I was two years later having a tea break from my grass cutting responsibility, and remembering that list, or should I say, the holy spirit, brought it back to my mind. The old filo fax was in my car. I paused my tea, and obtained the filo fax and list from the car. Sipping my tea again, I thought through the list of comments made by those 14 men, from three years ago. The list of comments were all the things that throughout my life I have striven to achieve. In my mind I have never felt I had achieved them. In that moment I saw the comments in a new light, as I realized that the men saw the comments as complete in me. They said Ronald has; Ronald is. As an independent man, I was always striving to get there. I also understood the importance of having friends around you who can see in you the finished work, and bring you to a place of rest. Hallelujah!

I will write on different topics on this site. I pray as you read you will be verified, exhorted, and comforted. There are two places in life. Outside of Christ, and inside of Christ. I will do all that is necessary to encourage you to come into Christ. That you will discover, for yourself, that Jesus is the Christ, the anointed one of God.

I desire to make contact with you, if you have a heart to discover Jesus for yourself. It is said of John’s gospel; it is shallow enough for a baby to paddle in, and deep enough for an elephant to swim in. I would encourage you to swim deeply, and to paddle safely.